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Happy Mothers Day To My Mum Betty

I know my mum is continuing her souls journey~ as we all will be doing someday ~ and I know that she will always be watching over me but I still wanted to wish her a “Happy Mothers Day” and celebrate her beautiful life.

Mum (Betty) and Me (Jeannette)

So I decided to honour her beautiful life’s journey by putting together this special blog as a tribute.

Elizabeth Anne Jackson (Nee Petherick)

The following is a beautiful poem that I composed whilst I was waiting in the waiting room of the Intensive Care Unit at Box Hill Hospital not long before  she let go and was released of her earthly life and passed over into the higher Spiritual Dimensions.

Mum ~ Elizabeth Anne Jackson (Betty)

I Love You, Mum

My mum, Elizabeth (Betty ) Jackson

I see your lovely smile.
I caress your hands,
I feel your love and you are looking at me.
I hold you close and I just know.
The birds fly on by and they are free.
Fly high to where we need to be.
A distant horizon I can see and I feel warm inside.
Above on high the view is so divine.
Love flows from my heart to yours.
You know that it’s pure.
Your hand has clasped with mine.
We are both one of this I am sure.
We have tears in our eyes and that’s all right
For I am here to guide you and I will never leave you.
Close your eyes and feel the love inside of you.
It’s from me Mum, and it’s for you.
You gave me life and I love you, Mum.
I always will.

Jeannette Andrea Jackson

Copyright ©2005 Jeannette Andrea Jackson

Mum Loved this song ~ ANGELS ~ By Robbie Williams

Best of buddies always and forever, onwards and upwards..love, light, wisdom, peace and happiness.. I love You Mum ~ Jeannette xox

Mum (Betty) and Me (Jeannette) at Denny Street in Warrnambool