John Edward ~ Crossing Over

I was very fortunate to have had the opportunity to see John Edward live on tour here in Melbourne at Hamer Hall on 13th November 2015..

It was my chance to be part of a live group audience to watch John Edward connect with the other side. There was also an opportunity to upgrade to VIP, which I did where there was a  question and answer session in a more intimate group after the main event along with a photo opportunity with John himself.

John Edward is a lovely so genuine and down to earth, he has an amazing presence and his energy field is pure light and love..divine~!

I would recommend anyone to go along and attend one of John’s events and even if you do not have the opportunity to be read by John you will gain insights, have aha moments and experience many other unique to you feelings, validations and confirmations whilst there and even  after the event once you have returned home. In any case you are sure to learn, grow and evolve from the whole experience.

John Edward 2a larger

Here is the fabulous VIP experience memory pic of myself (Jeannette Andrea Jackson) with John Edward at his Melbourne event on 2015-11-13, and as always the evening was beyond AWESOME!!

For those people who are interested in meditation and learning how to relax in every day life here is a wonderful video tutorial from Psychic Medium John Edward where he shares a chakra meditation from his Evolve DVD series. ENJOY~!


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