Jeannette Andrea Jackson

My name is Jeannette Andrea Jackson and I am a dedicated Light Worker – Subtle Energy & Reiki Master Healer/Teacher and Natural Therapist Practitioner and in essence I am committed to the path of healing and service.


Love, light, Wisdom, Peace and Happiness always.
Jeannette Andrea Jackson

My “VISION” – Vision Interaction

“In order to create an environment that is conductive to Peace and Harmony we all need to establish within ourselves the capacity to be fully whole and present and in order to do so we should focus not only on ourselves but assist our fellow brothers and sisters along the way and do whatever it takes with love to release and heal the burdens of the past that we all carry within us and to imagine and consciously create a better world for everyone and our future generations”

Getting To Know Me

Getting To Know Me…

“Christine Long Interviews Jeannette Jackson”

Its GREAT to FEEL GOOD WITHIN and !!!!!!!..and HAPPINESS is what we all truly strive to experience while ALIVE..it’s our birth rite and reason for being..SHINE YOUR LIGHT FROM WITHIN…

“There’s a Heaven On Earth So Few Ever Find, and The Maps In Your Soul and The Road Is In Your Mind”..”The Wild Places”..Lyric..”Dan Grayling Fogelberg”….

Find it, follow it..Go Within.The Answers Are All There…
“Know Thyself”

love, light and Happiness always..Jeannette Andrea Jackson


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