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Dr. Abd’el Hakim Awyan Sufi Master Ancient Khemtian

Hakim Awyan Sufi Master Ancient Khemtian Science History and Tradition..

Born and raised a few hundred yards from the Sphinx, Dr. Awyan is an indigenous keeper of the ancient Al Khemitian (Egyptian) wisdom tradition. The Awyan tribe are the “eyes” of Egypt. They have been the guardians of Abu Sir (Bu Wizr) and environs, including the Giza Plateau, the most potent input energy place on the planet, for thousands of years.

‘HAKIM’ (for short), was a wisdom-keeper of the Ancient Egyptian Mysteries, and was born and lived in the village beneath the Giza Plateau; he grew up with the great pyramids of Giza as his playground. He was a Khemitian, or Khemite – a man from Khem (Egypt), which means the ‘black land’. This didn’t mean that the people were black, or that they had anything to do with dark, or black practices – it meant quite simply that the land – the earth itself – was black, because the soil was enriched and fertile from the annual flooding of the river Nile.

Hakim could be described as a wise elder: a man who had not only been born into a family where knowledge was passed down from generation to generation, but had travelled afar and studied engineering and archaeology. While speaking and teaching to his many students, his heavy accented English was regularly broken with a broad grin and a knowing chuckle.

Sadly missed by all, he passed into the spirit world in 2008, as an octogenarian. His daughter, Shahrzad Awyan, has taken up her father’s work with his blessing.

Hakim was also featured on Dr Carmen Boulter’s wonderful documentary “The Pyramid Code – enjoy!


The Pyramid Code Ep 2 http://youtu.be/HwajptlULl4